Home-Based Program

PCC has maintained the Home-Based contract with Community Mental Health (CMH) since 1994. The Home-Based Program provides intensive in-home services to severely emotionally disturbed youth, ages 4-17. Referrals are provided by CMH for those that qualify for the intensive services and the program’s primary objective is to keep families intact and avoid placement of children into hospitals and long term specialized residential homes. Services provide a range from counseling and case management to concrete needs, such as food, shelter, and other necessities. Each case has a clinical therapist, and a home-based assistant to work with the identified/referred client and other family members including parents and siblings, providing non-traditional hours of intervention and crisis support when needed. As a team they develop and implement a person centered treatment plan and actively collaborate with other parties involved to best meet the needs of each individual client. Designated CMH staff submit intake information to the program supervisor. This service is provided in St. Clair County.